How to Create a Rustic-Style Kitchen


When it comes to designing your home’s interior, the architectural style of your house will largely dictate your choices. If you have a midcentury modern home, you will probably lean toward sleek and modern. A bungalow might be filled with Shaker style furniture and craftsman details. And if you have a home in the country or in the woods, then you can’t go wrong with a rustic design motif. These designs conjure up images of aged building materials and the oranges, yellows and browns of autumn. Here are 10 tips to help you design your rustic dream kitchen.

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7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid


Updating or remodeling your bathroom can be very exciting. There is so many design elements to start thinking about. Bathrooms, big and small, need to always be well thought out and functional for multiple users. If you can avoid these 7 common design mistakes below, you will be well on your way to a bathroom you will love for a very long time!

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How to Build a Window Seat from Wall Cabinets


A window seat is a gorgeous place for anyone to sit and read, or just gaze out the window at a beautiful sunset. These typically have a reputation for being an expensive add-on, but with this easy tutorial, you can have your own custom window seat in no time!  Continue reading →

Renovate, Revitalize, Restore, Remodel….Your Bathroom


Homeowners have many important questions about their Bathroom Remodeling Project. How much will it cost? How long will it take? What problem areas do I need to watch out for? Can I recover my Bathroom Remodeling investment when I sell? Can I do some of the work myself? What can I do to make sure that the work is done right? Give your bathroom design a boost with a little planning and a few bathroom ideas. Whether you’re looking for bathroom remodeling ideas or bathroom pictures to help you update your old one, start here!

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Installing a Kitchen Faucet and Side Sprayer

Kitchen Faucet

Adding new kitchen fixtures, such as a faucet, can be an easy and inexpensive way to update your kitchen. If you are a handy person you can easily install the kitchen faucet yourself. Just follow these steps and in no time you will have a fresh and updated kitchen. Before starting on this project be sure to read the instructions given  from the manufacturer and take any requested actions.  Continue reading →

6 Steps to Renovating on a Budget

Even in today’s economy, renovation is on almost everyone’s mind. Whether you need to update a bathroom, kitchen, patio, or the whole house, here are 6 tips to renovating on a budget.
Tip #1: Scrub EVERYTHING
Within the room your want to renovate, or even the porch, begin by cleaning everything. The floors, walls, sinks, ceiling, nooks, and crannies. Use an afternoon and lots of elbow grease to get the whole area shining. You would be amazed at the difference just this one step can make.
Tip #2: Add a fresh coat of paint.
Get a can or two of paint appropriate for the area – IE, paint that is suited for outdoors for a patio, or paint suited for moist environments for the bathroom. In some instances you may need to sand the surface or scrape off old wall paper before painting. You can also easily add accents with one large can of one color and a smaller can of the accent color.
Tip #3: Add accessories
Adding a few decorative accessories can update a room very quickly, but be sure they do not add clutter to the area. You want accessories which either tastefully add to the decor or serve a functional purpose – or both!
Tip #4: Replace key elements of the room
In the bathroom, the shower head, faucets, and cabinet facing are key to the entire look and feel of the room. In a kitchen, you may only need a new sink to freshen up the decor. Take some time to decide what two or three things really make the room, and then replace only them with updated versions.
Tip#5: Add more light
One of the most well-known ways of brightening and opening up a room is to add more light to it. This could be in the form of natural light with a larger window or skylights, or in the form of  new lighting sources in the room. Add some ceiling lights as well as accent lighting, and use natural, white light bulbs for the brightest, most welcoming effect.
Tip #6: Keep the room free of clutter
Whether your room or area is small or large, it is very important that you keep it completely free of clutter. Clutter is the fastest way to make a room feel mush smaller, dirty, and worn-out. To accomplish this, storage is KEY. Add new ways of storing items which you don’t always use. Keep the storage out of sight or blend it in as part of the decor.
These tips will help you update your room on a budget, and can be applied to any area of your home. Have fun experimenting and trying out different tips in different areas to have a home that is unique to you.
Here is a video with some direct tips for renovating a bathroom on a budget.