Bring in the Summer with a New Outdoor Kitchen!

Porcelanosa outdoor tiles

The winter is behind us, and summer is coming! After a long and cold winter, everyone is ready to entertain guests with a new outdoor kitchen and dining area! If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Cooking up a great outdoor kitchen is easier than you think. Continue reading →

Buying the Right Garbage Disposal

f24b43b60bb35e8dbd733846e9355f96At some point in time, the garbage disposal will have to be replaced. The next purchase should be durable and long lasting for the life of your kitchen. The next update to the garbage disposal should last beyond the next kitchen update.. With such a wide range of garbage disposals to consider, the fear of making the wrong choice is heavy.

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How to keep your white sink beautiful!


If you have a white kitchen sink you have noticed scratches, it can hold stains and it is just hard to get completely clean. If you have a double sink (which are amazing!) it is natural to have one side for the dirty dishes and one for the clean. The dirty side is always the one that looks aged and worn. You might have tried several different cleaning materials only to be disappointed in the results. This products either don’t clean well enough or are costly.

Well there is good news! You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your beautiful white sink clean and gorgeous. All you need is lemon juice, baking soda and a scrub brush.

Unless you wash the dishes as the accumulate your dishes may sit in your sink for an hour or more before you can get to them. As they sit in your sink the runoff from them will also sit on the bottom of your sink leaving rings and stains. No worries, once you have washed your dishes spread a generous amount of baking soda on the bottom of the sink. Add the lemon juice onto the baking soda and with your scrub brush work the mixture around the sink and rinse with hot water.

If you have an older sink you might have to do this a few times to get the best results. You can also purchase products that might also help with scratches such as Bar Keepers Friend. This is a soft scrub that claims to help remove or minimize scratches as well as clean your sink.

Once you have that sink clean and shiny here are some tips to keep it that way:

  • To protect the sink bottom add a rubber or plastic mat or even a basin rack. This will help prevent protect scratches and marks while protecting your dishes.
  • Avoid fruit, vinegar, salad dressing, or anything acidic to linger on the bottom of a porcelain sink. The acids will cause the sink to stain and could eat into the surface.
  • Never use scouring powder as this will scratch the surface, instead use the baking soda and lemon juice or a soft scrub soap.

How to Install a Dishwasher Air-Gap Kit

A clog in your kitchen sink drain could cause dirty water to back-flow into the dishwasher and contaminate the inside of the washer tub. Some municipalities require you install an air gap between your dishwasher and garbage disposal or sink drain to avoid such an occurrence. You can install an air gap in a single afternoon without the help of a plumber. Dishwasher air gap kits are available with everything needed for the air gap, but not the additional hose required to attach the gap to either the sink drain or the disposal.

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Installing A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Adding a new attractive stainless steel kitchen sink to replace to old, dingy one that you’ve been looking at for too long, is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. You’ll most likely need a drop-in, surface mounted sink. This will typically be of average difficulty to replace and you’ll need: a new sink of the same size opening that you are replacing, plumber’s putty/silicone caulk, an adjustable wrench, phillips and straight head screwdrivers, Teflon tape for threaded connections, new plumbing and drain parts as required. Continue reading →

How to Avoid Kitchen Clutter

How to Avoid Kitchen Clutter


A clean kitchen sets a tone and culture for the entire home. While promoting opportunity and possibility for culinary creativity, it communicates calm and order. So how do we avoid kitchen clutter in a room that is a natural gathering place for a family and requires messes to be made during use? These simple suggestions will help you organize your kitchen and keep it a clutter-free zone: Continue reading →

How to Update Your Kitchen With the Newest Trends


Looking to update your kitchen with improvements that will make your friends and family gasp in astonishment? The latest kitchen trends will put you on the fast track to exactly that reaction.  Continue reading →

9 Steps To Remodel Your Kitchen

Plumbtile: Native Trails

So you finally got tired of looking at the peeling flower wallpaper on your kitchen walls, and decided it’s time to do a complete revamp. Great! But… Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners fall under two umbrellas. Some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting a mountain high stack of inspiring kitchen photos. Some decide they need more room. Some people find themselves in this exploration stage for a year or longer before they even start to seek out workers. Continue reading →