7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid


Updating or remodeling your bathroom can be very exciting. There is so many design elements to start thinking about. Bathrooms, big and small, need to always be well thought out and functional for multiple users. If you can avoid these 7 common design mistakes below, you will be well on your way to a bathroom you will love for a very long time!

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Bathroom Showcase: Top 5 Bathroom Trends of 2011

There is no doubt that 2011 has been an innovative year in bathroom design. Creativity and function have shined this year to bring forth several trends that we believe will hold strong in 2012 and even beyond. From aerated shower heads to natural building materials, here is our showcase of the top 10 bathroom trends of 2011.

1. Spa-like Tubs

This year one of the driving factors of all bathroom design has been to add a bit of luxury. So many spa-like elements have been boosted in 2011, but perhaps none quite like the spa-like tubs we have seen. Tubs like the MTI Atlantica which offer multiple jets, whirpool action, and air bath technology. These options are usually customizable to provide you with the ultimate in personal relaxation.

2. Luxury Walk in Showers

Following in suit with spa-like tubs are the walk-in showers. These are not your typical, just-stand-there showers, though! Showers of 2011 have multiple water sources/showerheads, aerated water, and even seats. Everything in the design of these showers is geared towards providing you with a highly relaxing and rejuvenating experience every time.

3. Conserving Water

Every part of the home is getting a push toward green living, and the bathroom is no exception. With so much water being consumed in the bathroom on a daily basis, one of the largest and most important bathroom trends of 2011 is conserving water. From showers heads, to bath designs, smart faucets, and even toilets, every water-consuming element of the bathroom can be upgraded to a better, more green version.

4. Multiple Sinks and Mirrors

In continuing with the spa-like feel of 2011 bathrooms, many are choosing to add more than one mirror and sink. These can be delegated as his and hers, or simply used to make a room feel more spacious and classy. Luckily, it is also relatively easy, even if you have a small bathroom!

5. Toilets with Options

Technology in the year 2011 has made many things much smarter. Now toilets can also be added to the long list of innovative redesign in 2011. Just a few of the common features in these toilets of the future are heated seats, adjustable rear wash, MP3 jacks and even smart-touch remote controls!