A Functional Kitchen For Your Family

Lenova kitchen products

The kitchen is an essential part of the home and often becomes the gathering spot. You want to create a beautiful but functional space for your family to gather. There are some clear steps to follow to make sure your kitchen is functional for the entire family. Continue reading →

How to Build an Outdoor Recycling Center


Everyone is concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and recycling is the best way to do that. Donating an item would be the first choice but if you are able to donate then recycle.  This helps our environment and you can now create your own mini recycling center. This is the perfect way to dispose of your bathroom or kitchen day to day items.

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How To Design Your Bathroom


In the run up to the German bathroom tradeshow, ISH 2015, the Association of the German Sanitation Industry is using its Pop Up My Bathroom trend forum to address designing for different stages of life.

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Casual Dining Style: Eat-in Kitchens

Need a casual and easy going eating experience?  An eat-in kitchen might be the answer to all of your problems.  In today’s fast pace and busy families, an eat-in kitchen can allow for a busy family to still eat together without the need for formal dining.  There are really three options for an eat-in kitchen; counter dining, breakfast nooks or a tradition eat in kitchen with table.  Convenience is a driving factor for most families who are looking for a more modern take on the family dinner concept.


This is the most popular option of the three and can accommodate almost all families.  If there is already a bar or peninsula in your Counter Diningkitchen, simply adding stools or chairs to the area will turn it into an instant eat-in kitchen.  However, this is not always convenient or safe with families with young children or older members of the family, due to the bar stools that usually needs to accommodate a bar setting.  This kitchen is a great example of how easy it is to convert an island into an eat at counter.  Most people are looking for space in the kitchen and may not relish giving up space for eating; however, unless someone is currently sitting at the island, you lose no space.  This is a great compromise of using the space for more than one purpose; it is house multi-tasking at its best!  Continue reading →

Tile Craft for Kids

Arts and crafts can help keep your kids busy for hours. Free up your day and enjoy some “me” time by introducing your kids to crafts. These type of activities need not be expensive. Just go to any home improvement or construction store to get materials. You can also visit online showrooms like PlumbTile and look at the tiles available. For kids, it would be best to pick the most inexpensive tiles for their craft projects. Usually plain tiles are best, but you can get creative and think of other projects as well for older or more advanced kids. You want to buy as many tiles as possible; you just can store them for later and bring them out on rainy days or special occasions. Continue reading →

Kid-friendly Products

Have fun updating the kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms with Kid-Friendly products from PlumbTile.com, and online retailer of innovative Bath, Kitchen and tile products.

Plumbtile, an online retailer of innovative Bath, Kitchen and Tile products has compiled a collection of Kid-Friendly bathroom accesories and products designed to make decorating fun for all ages.  With a simple upgrade of your cabinet nobs, you could turn your bathroom into a welcoming space for children.  Continue reading →

The Top 4 Things You Missed at Dwell On Design

So for those of you who missed it last weekend, the Dwell on Design show was amazing. It’s the West Coast’s biggest design event, was at the LA Convention Center and is put on by Dwell magazine (check out their twitter here). The top names in interior decoration, kitchen fixtures, bathroom tile, modern furniture and advanced appliances were present to help turn the houses of today into the homes of the future. Continue reading →