Adding a new attractive stainless steel kitchen sink to replace to old, dingy one that you’ve been looking at for too long, is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. You’ll most likely need a drop-in, surface mounted sink. This will typically be of average difficulty to replace and you’ll need: a new sink of the same size opening that you are replacing, plumber’s putty/silicone caulk, an adjustable wrench, phillips and straight head screwdrivers, Teflon tape for threaded connections, new plumbing and drain parts as required.

Determining the Size and Faucets

If you are replacing your old sink with one of the same size you’ll need to measure the opening. Measure the inside dimensions of your old sink’s length, width and depth. Also measure the center to center distance for the faucets and sprayers to use the ones you have or replace with new ones. Be sure that your new stainless steel sink has the correct number of faucet holes.

Removing The OLD Sink

Be sure to turn off the water with the cut off valves underneath the sink. If you have a disposal, disconnect the power and any lines to it as well.

The sink will be fastened to the counter top with clips. Loosen the clips and remove them. Carefully remove the sink from the counter top. Scrape any remaining caulk or residue from the counter with a razor blade and use a mild detergent soap to clean the surface.

Placing The New Sink

Before placing the new sink into the open hole in the counter top, turn it upside down and apply a bead of caulk to the under side of the lip of the sink. Place the hold down clamps on the front, back and sides of the sink lip. Flip the sink over and set it in place in the counter top hole. Be sure the faucet holes line up on the back of the sink and counter.

Once you have the new sink in place, press hard with your hand around the edges to form a seal with the counter top and the caulk. Then, lying under the sink, tighten down the clamps to tighten the sink into place. Cut off any excess caulk that may have squeezed out as the sink was tightened and peel it away.

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