Need a casual and easy going eating experience?  An eat-in kitchen might be the answer to all of your problems.  In today’s fast pace and busy families, an eat-in kitchen can allow for a busy family to still eat together without the need for formal dining.  There are really three options for an eat-in kitchen; counter dining, breakfast nooks or a tradition eat in kitchen with table.  Convenience is a driving factor for most families who are looking for a more modern take on the family dinner concept.


This is the most popular option of the three and can accommodate almost all families.  If there is already a bar or peninsula in your Counter Diningkitchen, simply adding stools or chairs to the area will turn it into an instant eat-in kitchen.  However, this is not always convenient or safe with families with young children or older members of the family, due to the bar stools that usually needs to accommodate a bar setting.  This kitchen is a great example of how easy it is to convert an island into an eat at counter.  Most people are looking for space in the kitchen and may not relish giving up space for eating; however, unless someone is currently sitting at the island, you lose no space.  This is a great compromise of using the space for more than one purpose; it is house multi-tasking at its best! 


Breakfast nookA breakfast nook can add comfort and style to any kitchen, finding the space however can be a challenge.    Using a window as a back drop for this type of eat-in kitchen is key to keeping the space open and bright.  A  breakfast nook is a great option for a busy family or one with young kids.  Benches are safer than stools for kids and a wheelchair could easily be rolled up to the table for an elderly member of the family.  Benches can also add for additional storage which is always needed in a kitchen space.  This space also allows for cooking and cleaning to be accomplished while keeping the family together at meal time.  Kitchens tend to be the congregating location in a home and with a nook; kids can do their homework while their parents cook dinner.  Keeping the family together is a large reason that people are searching for eat-in kitchens.


A traditional eat in kitchen is one in where you are able to actually have a table in the kitchen with chairs.  This picture depicts the traditionalperfect eat in kitchen, a mix of style, functionality and convenience.  The table is able to be located at one end of the kitchen allowing for an easy flow in the kitchen.  The biggest challenge of a table in the kitchen is to keep it out of the main traffic flow while still having it feel like a part of the kitchen.  The main positive for this layout is that the table can double as extra work space when cooking or prepping food.  Don’t be afraid to allow your personal style to dictate the type of table you have, it can be formal or eclectic, classic or modern, any style will work.

Eat-in kitchens have always been in style, however, the style of eat in is what has changed.  Whether you choose a bar, a table or a nook, your eat-in kitchen will be the envy of the neighborhood if you place your family’s needs first when designing and laying out your plans.  Bon Appetite!