Half bathrooms can be a challenge for any homeowner, how to add style and organization along with functionality!  Powder rooms typically will serve not only your family but also any guests that arrive to your home.  With a few simple tips and ideas you can take your powder room from boring to amazing!



A small space DEMANDS organization in order for it to function as the space it needs to be.  Organization comes in many forms, but in the powder room one of the most under-utilized space is above the toilet.  Use the vertical space for storage and you will be able to maintain organization in a small area. There are large variety of bathroom accessories such as towel racks, towel bars and rings, towel shelves and racks and even robe hooks that can make organization and functionality work in a powder room.  



This small space can handle a variety of colors and textures.  Choose carefully but have fun.  Wallpaper or dark colors tiles will go in small spaces.  If you choose a patterned wall paper, ensure that the rest of the items in the bathroom are simple with clean lines.  While the pattern will look fabulous, overwhelming this small space with too much character can happen quickly.


Choose funky or sleek but this is an area where you can splurge and really bring some style and flash into the powder room.  Since the only hardware you will be installing is on the sink like  toilet paper, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes be creative! Using bold drawer knobs and handles can also be worked in your small powder room to give you more sylish effects.


Instead of a boring flush overhead light, choose something daring.  Flank the mirror with two lights or choose a small chandelier to add style.  Lighting will make or break your space so take your time in this choice!



One of the most important items in the powder room is going to be the sink and mirror.  Choosing a sink that fits the space correctly is important.  Storage space can also be found in the sink if you choose a vanity over a pedestal sink.  A funky mirror can also really make the space unique and one of a kind.   A pedestal sink will add the illusion of space due to the fact that it is not bulky like a full vanity.  The mirror in this picture also adds some style and charm to the small space.

Powder rooms can add charm and uniqueness to your home with a few simple steps! Explore ideas and be bold in your choices, for a couple hundred of dollars your powder room can be completely revamped andreinvented to fit your individual style.