There are oh-so-many ways I could talk about ecofriendly products that we offer, so I’m going to break this up into different articles so I can focus on different aspects of how to apply green bathroom and green kitchen design in your home. I’m going to talk about Panasonic and Rheem and the two big ways they can help improve your energy consumption and your quality of life.

One of the biggest concerns with green living is keeping it economical. Many balk at solar panels because of the cost. In most cases, however, the great part about upgrading your home is that it will help you save money. There is also that glamour of helping to save the environment using appliances that won’t get in the way, but still make your home to give you that dream bathroom.

Panasonic is usually associated with TV’s and computer components. They have a wide range of products in many fields, but this important aspect of the bathroom they cover are ceiling vent fans. While they don’t have the sex appeal of a brand new shower with multiple heads or a claw-foot tub that fits two, these things are so high quality you’ll want to show them off.

That annoying sound you hear when you turn on vents is pretty much gone from the Panasonic model.

Another hidden green update to your house are tankless water heaters. These water heaters work by heating up water as you need it, using fast, electric sources that are far more efficient than the large tank heaters you are probably used to. Rheem provides inexpensive models that will keep you in hot, cheap water. Since they don’t keep a reservoir of water warm, your heating costs will be driven down as a result. Rheem provides whole home solutions as well as upgrades/renovation systems. If you have a one or two bathroom home, then I recommend the RTG-53 series, otherwise if you have three bathrooms you may want to try the RTG-66 or -74 models. Using Rheem tankless water heaters feels like you changed nothing, except that you spend less money on hot water.

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