Buy Tankless Water Heaters Cheap With A Government Discount

The Obama administration is moving forward with helping people not only become more environmentally friendly, but also helping citizens save money while they revamp their homes. The American Recovery and Reinvesment Act of 2009 has been extended until the end of 2010. This enables even more Americans to enjoy a technology that is better for their wallets and the environment- tankless water heaters. Continue reading →

How-To: Lay Glass Tile

Glass tile has steadily risen in popularity these past few years, and as a result costs have been driven down as competition increases between makers. Even better, eco-friendly processes have become involved, and some makers boast 100% recycled glass tile lines.

Oceanside Glass Tile Mosaic

However, some contractors are reluctant to lay glass tile because they are not used to the methods to set it down. It’s different from ceramic tile and if done wrong can be costly to re-do. Contrary to popular belief, it’s fairly easy to do, as long as you’re prepared appropriately. Continue reading →

How-To: Make a Kitchen with Modern Style

Updating a kitchen is more than just installing brand new Jado fixtures or Herbeau sinks. The entire look of the kitchen needs to be taken into consideration. How do the cabinets make the room feel? How about the different in color and texture between the counter tops and floor? Are the stylings of the drawer pulls congruent with the contours of the oven hood? So here’s a guide with an eye to modern design.

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How-To: Remodel On A Budget

budgetDespite all the news I’ve been hearing of slowly coming out of the recession, I’m still feeling pinched. I get the feeling I’m not the only one. However, being in this economic condition lends me to re-think how I advise customers who want to remodel their home. Too many people think they’ll need more than $10,000 to get moving on their design ideas. Continue reading →

Preview/Tangent: Budget Remodeling

brokeThis will be just a tiny blog.For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook (ahem), I shared this link earlier. It’s cheap and inventive remodels people have done.

So anyway, next blog will be about how to remodel on a budget. It won’t be quite as out of the box thinking as the link I’m posting here, but it will have a lot of guidelines and ideas to help you on your way.

How-To: Prepare your house for Winter guests

Sweet winter homeGot family and friends crowding into your home for the holidays? We all know that leaving our comfort zone for another place to live in for a few days can be stressful. That’s why this blog is going to show you how to prepare your house to accommodate heavier usage than it usually does. With more people in your home than normal, there may be a small flaw you may have gotten used to, but could put a damper on your guests’ stay there.  Here are some easy, quick fixes that are essential for getting your home into tip-top shape. Continue reading →

How-To: Avoid a Remodeling Disaster

After seeing this article:

ugly_bathroom 2ugly_bathroom 1ugly_bathroom 3

I realized that many design rules are forgotten in all the excitement of designing a bathroom. Paint colors are being chosen; maybe a fancy new faucet fixture or tub spout is being purchased for the remodel. Whatever may be happening, details can escape one’s notice until it’s too late. Forgetting something like the highlights on a piece of furniture or the correct dimensions for your available space can cause a lot of headaches, wasting time and dollars. Continue reading →

How-To: Prevent and Clean Mold

moldy ceilingMold (or mildew) is a source of constant conflict in the homeowner’s battle to keep the home clean. While mold is a natural component of the air we breathe, their little spores making up the dust we see floating in the air on a sunny day. It’s when these spores take hold of a surface and start a mold colony that it becomes a serious issue for households.
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