There is such a wide range of bathroom faucets on the market today. I bet you are confused and unsure of which one you want or what faucet would look best in your space. Well let’s start with the different styles of faucets so you have an idea of the uses and looks.

Artos faucet

Single Hole

Perhaps you have a small space and can’t fit a large vanity. You might want to select a single-hole faucet. They are perfect for bathroom designs that don’t take up too much counter space. You can choose a beautiful single-hole faucet while making a statement.

Wall Mounted Faucet

A wall-mounted faucet definitely draws in the audience. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from that create a playful old-fashioned vibe to your bathroom. Maybe you are looking for something unique to make your bathroom stand out, or your design is somewhat of a farmhouse design. The wall-mounted faucet would fit perfectly.

Graff faucet

Modern and Sleek

If you are looking to create a modern vibe, you can choose a flat sleek faucet. Make sure you are choosing all similar shapes to make it feel unified and sleek. The flat sleek faucets bring a clean, simple but modern feel to a bathroom.

Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes are one of my favorite faucets. Typically, when you have a smaller bathroom you would use a wall-mounted sink with exposed pipes. This will help the bathroom seem bigger. Using a pipe-style faucet in a finish similar to the actual pipes below, it makes the design look like an intentional statement. Most industrial bathrooms add character by exposing the pipes.

Tall Faucets

Tall faucets can be absolutely stunning. A great thing about a tall faucet is that it has a lot of versatility. Not only are they visually appealing, but they allow for more room to fit beneath them. Keep in mind they do take up a lot of space.

These are just a few of the different style faucet options you have to choose from. You can find these and many more at Plumbtile.