Duravit Ketho Series

Unlike an en suite, the family bathroom must meet the needs of every generation, from Mom and Dad to teenagers and toddlers.  That’s a lot to cope with, while still being a guest-friendly atmosphere.  These tips will help you make the most of your space.

Duravit Ketho Series

The Right Materials

When it comes to a family bathroom, materials should be selected for durability and ease of cleaning.  These materials need to withstand years of wear and tear, even when subjected to the high-energy activity of children. Also, in a family bathroom, there’s more to hide than just a few toiletries.  There are medicines, bath toys, and lotions for every family member, so plan to be creative with storage.  Plan for enough cabinets and drawers for toiletries, bulk items, and plenty of towels.

The Ketho series from Duravit can be your answer. This series offers furniture that is robust and durable in every aspect. Each furniture component of the series features a protective melamine resin coating and bonded, waterproof edges that can withstand a great deal of splashing around. Their vanity units give a variety of combinations. The Ketho series console and countertop washbasins can fit in the vanity unit from above allowing a large amount of storage space. If the washbasin is inserted into the furniture from below, the changeover from the ceramic to the wooden surface both looks and feels seamless. This also makes it easy to care for and clean.

Dezi Home Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Family bathrooms are designed with practicality in mind.  However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be presentable to guests as well.  Use double-duty elements that are not only decorative but functional. For example, interesting jars add style to the counter while holding essentials like cotton balls and cotton swabs. Fluffy towels displayed on a shelf are easily accessible to bathers and help to absorb some of the sounds in a space filled with hard surfaces.

Check out Dezi Home for all your bathroom storage needs. Their products are fused with cutting-edge design, high manufacturing ideas, and remarkable quality and finishes. Plumbtile carries a variety of the Dezi Home Collection Series and products.  towels racks and holders, soap and lotion dispensers, toothbrush holders, and jewelry holders.  Each Dezi Home series provides its own unique take one design and functionality.

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