Boyce and Bean Mosaic Tile

Have fun with mosaic tile! Sometimes our favorite furniture starts to look a little worn down, or we find a great piece at a thrift store or garage sale, but it needs a little sprucing up. There are so many ways to give that old table or nightstand a fresh new look. The best way to give new life to your furniture is to create a tabletop tile mosaic. Not only is it simple, but the pattern possibilities are endless.

 Here’s where the endless possibilities begin:

1. You can start with stone or glass mosaic tiles.
2. You can make your own mosaic tiles by breaking apart larger tiles.

What You Will Need:
Piece of furniture that needs a makeover
Tile of your choice
Soft cloth or towel
3/16” trowel
Damp Sponge

Now that you have your tile picked out, let’s get started!

1. Break Tiles.
Time to get out that hammer and smash up your tiles, if that is the route you chose to take. Make sure to place tile face down on a soft cloth and use the hammer on the underside of the tile so you don’t damage the surface of the tile.

2. Spread out your design.
Layout your tiles and arrange them in the pattern you would like. This way, you have it all set to go and you aren’t racing against the adhesive.

3. Spread Adhesive and set tiles.
Using a 3/16” trowel, spread the mastic on the table. Make sure to work in small sections to prevent drying and begin arranging tiles. Be sure to press lightly on the tiles as you go.

4. Apply Grout and Epoxy.
After the tiles have dried, spread grout between the tiles and wipe off any excess with a sponge. Allow the tiles to dry for 24 hours and then mix and pour epoxy over the entire tabletop. After another 24 hours of drying, your new masterpiece will be ready to go.

You will feel so proud to show off your tiling talent after this great makeover! Enjoy your project! If you have any questions that our experienced sales staff can help you with, just contact us today. Also, check out the Mosiac Tiles we have in stock.