If you’re thinking about replacing your shower stall, you’re probably wondering if you need to hire a professional. You will want to know about plumbing or have someone who knows about plumbing to assist you.

Installing a Shower

First, you will want to determine what type of shower you want to install. Plumbtile offers many great choices for bases and doors. There are so many choices depending on your needs. Once you have chosen your desired shower you will then choose the location. Whether you’re installing a shower stall to save space in a new bathroom, or to replace a tub, the stall should be in proximity to hot and cold water pipes as well as have access to your drainage pipes.

Shower panYou will want to make sure to purchase all the plumbing pipes and fittings. Not only do you need to make sure that you have enough pipe, you must also be certain to obtain the appropriate parts that will allow you to connect the new pipes to existing ones. Besides the shower unit make sure to purchase waterproof caulk/sealant. And have all the proper tools. Clear and prepare the intended shower site removing any debris or tiles that are existing. Some shower kits will require that you build a structure to support the shower pan or even brace a whole prefabricated unit.


ShowerYou will want to make sure to properly read all instructions that came with your shower kit. Once the frame is completed Install the shower pan unit. Next, install the plumbing and all drains and shower sides. Finally, you will need to make sure to cover any exposed framing with water-resistant drywall and seal all seams with a silicone-based caulk. Attach the shower door or curtain. And you are done! Please call one of our specialists for any questions or concerns and make sure to follow all instructions that came with your shower kit.