GBI Tiles

Do you love interior design? Do you want to add an artistic flair to any room in your house? Well then, why not go with mosaic? You can do the installation all by yourself. You do not need to be an expert, in order to, bring an exotic look to your home. It is really no trouble at all. It can be applied to walls, ceilings, and even light traffic flooring. You can create a picture that will feel like an imprint. There are very simple steps you can follow…

1 First, allow the tiles to adapt to the installation temperature. (The temperature of the room they will be used in, that is…)

2 Next, prepare the tools and types of equipment for use, such as the glue. It is a silicone sealant for many use like glass, windows, ceramics, etc…

3 Then, make sure the area you want the panels to be applied to is completely clean. This is important for the glue.

4 Start applying the silicone glue on the panel’s backside surface, to form in 8 x 8 even grids.

5 Paste the tiles onto the wall and press it for five to ten seconds, to be sure all the panel’s backside is flattened. For the next panel, make sure that its position is aligned with the previous one. Especially, if you are designing a specific image, like a nature scene or a portrait.

6 When done use grout to fill up the spacing gaps and remove unnecessary overflows by damped clothes.

Now, that you see how simple this is the entire process is, you probably want to run out and purchase all of the supplies immediately. You can turn your home into your very own art studio, pottery house, however, you want to look at it. You will turn your walls into a magnificent painting without any oils.

If you need help picking out tiles for your next project, contact today!