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Kitchen Faucet

In most households, the kitchen is one of the most prominent rooms. It’s not just where food preparation happens. Often it’s where the eating occurs too, and where people tend to congregate.

If you’re having guests over, the kitchen is usually a focal point of the socializing. So it makes sense that people want to make sure everything in that room is perfect. This is especially true for the faucet, which could be said to be the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Before you purchase a new faucet, then, read the guide below for help in picking one you’ll be happy to use and proud to show off.


Single-handle kitchen faucets tend to have a more modern look to them. Their lone handle is often referred to as a “post” and controls both hot and cold water.

One of the newest types of faucets that is gaining a lot of popularity is a faucet with touch-sensitive handles. These faucets also feature a single handle, and thus generally have a more contemporary style to them, but they can be switched on by merely touching the post.



Solid Brass: Solid brass metal is heavy and durable. If you choose solid brass (and it will be labeled as such), you know that this may be the last faucet that you will ever need. Solid brass is especially recommended for hard water areas, where corrosion of lesser metals is a problem. Brass also costs the most, but it is the best investment. If you love that shiny look, but hate to polish, choose one of the finishes that block out oxidation.

Brass and Chrome Plated: The key word here is “plated,” meaning coated or laminated, but not really brass. Usually the inner metal is die-cast zinc alloy, which will corrode once the plating has worn off, and it will need replacement.

Die-Cast Zinc Alloy: Faucets with die-cast zinc alloy bodies are less expensive, but fairly durable. However, when the finish, which is usually electroplated, wears off, it too will corrode.

Electroplated Chrome on Brass: For those of us looking for middle ground, this is a good choice. The finish lasts a long time, and the inner parts are made of solid brass. The combination of price versus durability is hard to resist.

Plastic: Run as fast and as far away from plastic faucets as you can. They break again and again, and you will be replacing them forever. They look so shiny there in the box, but they are not worth the price, and they have little or no durability

Plumbtile offers many varieties of kitchen faucets that will fit your needs, your home and your style in any perfect way. Contact us today to get your new kitchen faucet!