Cleaning comes natural to most of us, we have been cleaning a home since we were kids. Our parents had our first chores as cleaning your bedroom, then you migrated to the kitchen, bathroom and living room all in preparation for when we would get our own home. We all hated cleaning the bathroom had to spend so much time on the little things like the sinks and tub and don’t get me started on the toilet! Most of us have a routine set-up for washing our bed linens, but the same probably can’t be said for the rest of the bed.

Your mattress, pillows, blankets, duvets and mattress topper need to be cleaned fairly regularly, too. But if cleaning a feather comforter is not something you’ve ever tried, and have no clue how to do, we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up the top cleaning tips for tackling every single item on your bed. Keep reading…


To keep your mattress as clean as possible, it’s best to use a mattress protector and launder once a month or so. It’s also a good idea to flip your mattress over at least once a year.

To clean your mattress, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire surface. To combat any odors, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, let sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum it up.


Most pillows can be safely cleaned in a standard washer and dryer. (Be sure to check the care labels, though.) For down pillows, you might want to hit up your local laundromat, as they may not easily fit in your washing machine. Make sure when you put pillows in the dryer that you choose a low heat setting. Avoid letting down pillows air dry, because the feathers could clump up and create mildew.

Non-Feather Comforters

Large, bulky comforters are best washed in an industrial machine at a laundromat. However, most can be easily washed and dried. Check the tag for specific care instructions, or play it safe and choose cool or warm water with a low dry cycle. Try using a duvet cover to keep the comforter extra clean in between washings.

Down Comforters

If you have a large front-loading washer, you can wash your down comforter at home. (And if not, take it to your local laundromat and use one of their larger capacity machines.) Choose the delicate cycle, and add a small amount of mild detergent. Place the comforter in an extra-large dryer and choose the low heat cycle. Add a few tennis balls (in white socks to ensure no color transfer) to help fluff the down as the cycle runs through.

Mattress Toppers + Feather Beds

Feather beds and mattress toppers can be laundered the same way as pillows and down comforters. Since they tend to be larger, you’ll want to make sure you’re using an industrial-sized machine. You’ll definitely want to try the tennis ball method in the dryer with your feather bed or topper, as the loft will likely shift during the wash cycle. You also might consider running the topper through more than one spin cycle if it’s still feeling soaked at the end of the wash.

Wool Blankets

You can try cleaning your wool blankets in your home washing machine if you do so with care. Make sure to choose cold water and a delicate wash cycle. Any type of heat will shrink your blanket, so make sure to hang-dry rather than throwing it in the dryer. (Even delicate cycles might shrink a wool blanket.)

Standard Sheets + Pillowcases

Most standard bed linens can be easily washed and dried in standard home machines. For more delicate fabrics, choose cool water/delicate settings for your wash cycle and permanent press/delicate for your dry cycle.