Exterior Paint

The exterior of your home is the first impression that you are portraying to the world, whether the world be prospective buyers or friends and family stopping by for a visit. Do you want that first impression to have your guests snickering at what your house looks like or would you want them to be drooling over how good your home already looks? There are a ton of exterior paint colors that people are falling in love with that may just be what you’re looking for to give your home an edge up on the curb appeal.

Black with Light Trim:

Black is definitely the new black. Believe it or not, black siding is become a huge hit as an exterior paint color. It leaves a strong statement, but the light colored trim, whether it be white, light gray, pale yellow, etc., stands out against the darkness. If you want to leave your guests drooling over your house, this is definitely an option worth considering.

All Black:

An all-black exterior can play up the structural feature of the home. It will even begin to draw attention to the architectural qualities of the home.

All White:

A completely white exterior is always a great choice. It’s traditional, classic, and it looks beautiful. There may be a little more exterior maintenance that will be needed, but it is definitely worth it.

A Contrasting Front Door:

If the exterior of a house being one single color seems to be too boring for your taste, try spicing it up by painting the door a different color. You would be surprised at how far this little bit of color can go. You will typically see a lot of doors painted red, but whatever you feel is your style will do.

Dark Colors and Natural Wood:

A lot of suburban homes have accents that feature brick, stone, or even wood. All of these add a little bit of style to the house and can help to add some contrast between the siding and the natural wood accents. The brick, stone, and wood helps to complete the look. However, this look can run a little expensive.

Black Trim:

Black trim looks fantastic when it is paired with a white or any light colors exterior. It helps to draw attention to the architectural features that may be special to your house.