Kitchen Space

Kitchen Space. You might be wondering; how can I get more space in my kitchen? Having a smaller kitchen can become a nightmare! There are a few tricks you can follow to create more usable space in your kitchen. While making, the space appears larger.

Kitchen Shelving

First, switching to open shelving can make a huge impact in your small kitchen. It can create a more appealing environment and help to create a more open feeling without feeling cramped. You might also want to consider replacing your cabinet doors with glass ones or installing floating shelves. It will brighten up the space. The floating shelves will give you more storage while using wasted space.

Asnip20161028_11 way to make your space feel bigger would be to eliminate some furniture or items. Having too much clutter will make any room feel smaller than it is. Using smaller appliances is essential in opening that space to create a more functional area. Having too large of appliances can make your kitchen much smaller and more claustrophobic. Adding multipurpose furniture is important to creating a more useful and larger space. You can add a kitchen island to act as seating as well as prep space. The island can also contain storage space, shelves and cabinet doors to add for more style. You can have a taller step stool to create more seating. It’s all about creating a beautiful space while increasing functionality.

Kitchen Lighting

Something you can also do is to create a light color palette with your dishes and pottery. Creating a cleaner, lighter palette will produce the illusion of space. Small spaces often are also extremely dark. If your kitchen is very dark, try to let in as much natural light as possible. Make sure you have overhead lighting and plenty of under cabinet lighting.


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