Winter is around the corner which means the kids will probably be inside more and more. Why not turn that dark, damp basement into a trendy game and play room?

  1. You will need to make sure that you don’t have any mold or moisture problems. Make sure that any dampness or mold in your basement is cleaned up and ensure that you can stop water from getting in.
  2. Clean the floors completely. If you have a concrete floor, you’re going to want it to be as clean as possible before you start. Clean up all dirt and debris from the floor. And remove any items that you have stored in your basement.
  3. Make sure to install any electrical, lighting or plumbing you have designed in your basement plan. Once that is completed Insulating is important to keep the heat in and for soundproofing a finished basement. If you’re going to put a media room down there, you don’t want that sound traveling up and disturbing anyone. Depending on what you need you can either insulate the ceiling or put in a drop ceiling to complete the design.
  4. Adding the framing for the walls and beams which make up the skeleton of your walls. You’ll need to plan ahead to know where you want all of your walls to go. You can use either wood or steel depending on what is best for your family’s needs.untitled
  5. Next you will install drywall or use whatever wall finishing method you prefer to get nice walls which you can paint when your project is complete. If you want to paint them or use some great tiles as an accent
  6. Last you will decide what to use on your floors. If you already have concrete floors you can keep those to cut cost, or Plumbtile offers some beautiful concrete tiles to finish off that look for your family.
Porcelanosa – Concrete Grey Nature 12 Inch X 24 Inch c222995571-iu

Once you are done your kids will be the life of the party, the talk of the town. Are you ready to inherit more kids? Have fun with your design and don’t forget if you have any questions call one of our Plumbtile experts and they will be happy to assist you.