Installing a sturdy grab bar is much easier than one would think. Use our guide below to easily and effectively install a bar in your shower. If you are wanting to install one outside of the shower area, just follow the same steps.

1. Find A Stud

Since the grab bar will be supporting the weight of an adult, it needs to be securely anchored. Use a stud finder to locate the stud and mark its position with a marker. If you’re having trouble, realize that studs are usually spaced 16 inches apart. Once you’ve found one, check either direction for the next one to attach your grab bar to. Avoid corners-the spacing in non-regular areas can vary the stud bracing and arrangement. Be sure in your marking once you find a stud- you don’t want to make more holes than you need, especially in a shower.

2. Drill Through

If you have a tile wall to drill into, this is a tricky step. Use a drill bit that’s strong enough to bore through the hard surface. Use either diamond or carbide tipped bit that will chew cleanly through your tile.

Scratch a small rough spot where you intend to drill through. Make sure the width of the bit will cover up any markings you make. Taping a small “X” in masking tape will also help, as this will give the drill a bit of friction to work with.

After you make your initial drill through, firmly drill through at a slow speed, occasionally pausing to spray some water to cool the bit down

3. Attach Anchors
Some grab bars may need anchor mounts or plastic plugs to be fitted into the holes before they can be attached. Affix these before screwing in any mounting brackets.

4. Attach Bar
Use the supplied screws and use a hand screwdriver. If you use a drill for this step you risk damaging the grab bar or the tiles if you drill too quickly or deep. Make sure it does not move or even wiggle when you put your full weight on it (or the weight of whoever it is intended for).

5. Seal It
If the grab bar didn’t come with a gasket, seal it with caulk so that water won’t get behind your shower wall.

This safety enhancement to your bathroom will be invaluable to whoever needs it to ensure their stability in a wet, slippery environment.

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