If you already have started your eco-friendly kitchen with bamboo cabinets, cork flooring, and new lighting, etc…

Now, might be the time to think about changing your backsplash. Believe it or not, you can do it all by yourself.

There are pretty simple steps to follow. This is how you go about creating an eco-friendly metal backsplash:

1. First, things first! Measure your backsplash. Then, using a large sheet of cardboard, take the measurements and use a pair of scissors, in order to cut out the template. Set it in place and pinch it until, it fits the backsplash area. Be absolutely certain to mark the outlets or you’ll run into problems down the line.

2. Place the template onto a flat surface and position your tiles to create an appealing pattern.

3. Next, use your  trowel (a flat-bladed, hand tool) to spread the tile adhesive on a small area of the wall. Then, use the back butter technique on the tiles (like you would smear butter on a piece of toast.) Stick them to the wall according to your desired pattern. Place spacers in the corners of each tile, which will create your grout line. Work in small additions so, the adhesive doesn’t dry.

4. When you get a few, whole tiles in place, use the tile grinder to cut the remaining tiles to fit the lasting row.

5. Once the tiles are cut, stick them to the wall with adhesive. Be careful when installing around outlets. An even better idea would be to turn off the electricity. You may have to cut the tiles to fit them around the outlets.

6. Allow the adhesive to dry for one full day before you grout the tiles.

7. Prepare the grout for use. Grab your cement mixer and stir the grout in the bucket until, it’s the thickness of waffle batter. (Anyone hungry for breakfast yet?)

8. Use a rubber grout float to spread the grout over the tile.

9. Wait approximately 15 minutes and remove excess grout with a damp sponge before it hardens. Allow the grout to stiffen.

10. After the grout sets, clean your new tiles with dish soap and water.

When you are done you will feel such satisfaction from completing an interior design project on your own without any professional assistance. You might want to go and design the bathroom next!