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Looking for ways to rejuvenate your shower? Need a to find a way to make your bathroom an oasis? Try a new shower head. A shower head can offer a great way to turn your bathroom into an oasis without redoing the entire bathroom.. 

There are two different types of shower heads, fixed and handheld.  Both types of shower heads offer a variety of styles, spray patterns, and finishes. Once you have picked out your shower head the next step is to install it. Installing a shower head can be easy. Let’s begin with how to replace a fixed shower head to the wall. 

Prep your work area. You will want to cover the tub or shower floor with a tarp, drop cloth or old towel. Doing this will ensure that the tub or shower floor doesn’t get scratched from fiberglass or porcelain pieces that may fall. Then, remove showerhead and adapter kit from packaging and gather the tools needed.

1.  Remove the old shower head. Remove old showerhead with adjustable pliers. With an old rag remove any plumber’s putty or Teflon tape that was left on the threads of the shower stem.

  • Wrap the pliers with tape to prevent any marring on the old showerhead. Use paint thinner to remove stubborn plumber’s putty or tape.

2.  Install the new shower head. Wrap the threads of the shower stem with new Teflon tape in the direction that the shower head will be tightened to avoid tearing the tape.

  • Make sure the appropriate washer is placed in the neck of the shower head prior to placing it on the stem.
  • Attach the shower head to the shower stem and hand-tighten. Use wrench of necessary but do not over-tighten.

 Plumbtile Shower Head 3.  Turn the shower on. You will want to turn the shower on to make sure that the new shower head is working and that there aren’t any leaks coming out.

  • If there is a leak, tighten carefully with a wrench until leak stops.
  • If the leak continues, take the shower head off and check to make sure there aren’t any tears in the tape.
  • Check that the tape is wrapped in the direction that the shower head will be tightened.

What if you want to install a handheld shower head? No problem! Here are the steps you can take to replace your shower head with a handheld.

Follow the first two steps for replacing a fixed shower head.  After completing the first  two steps move on to the third step.

3. Fasten the flexible shower hose. Fasten the flexible shower hose to the cross “T” in the same manner as a shower head.

4. Turn on the shower. Turn on the shower to check for any leaks. If there is a leak follow the instructions for replacing a fixed shower head.

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