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A overview of how easily build Craftsman style kitchen in your own home.

One of the more popular choices when it comes to designing or redesigning your personal food preparation sanctuary is the theme of a Craftsman style kitchen. While its elegance and class are highly sought after while remodeling the area with this stylistic theme, it is possible to create the aura and energy of this trendy set up on your own. With a few key components, a little creativity, and a clear vision of your dream setup, you can easily turn this beautiful scene within your mind into a tangible and fully functional reality in no time. 

The first step to creating your dream kitchen will be to decide on the all the essential parts that typically make up this set. Decisions about cabinetry, lighting, flooring, backsplash and counters should be made first to make it easier for the project to remain within the color palette of your chosen theme. While a modern-day Craftsman Style kitchen ranges in color schemes from citrus like oranges and green to the basic green and brown earth tone colors, a basic tile like the one seen below can work wonders and mesh well with a number of remodeling options for this type of theme.

Focal points of any kitchen are the counter tops and the cabinets. They are high-traffic areas where the food is prepared and occasionally stored along with utensils and dishware. Choosing a surface for both that complements each other as well as the rest of the area can be dependent upon your personal vision, but usually contain familiar elements. Wood and soapstone counter tops are popular with these types of setups and are usually a great base for the rest of the color components of the room. The cabinets can be completely torn out and replaced or simply refinished to help keep some familiar form while also transforming into a cornerstone of your new set up. Accessories like these Craftsman’s knobs pictured below can work wonders towards not only giving the kitchen a new look and feel, but also provide you with a simple and cost-effective upgrade that inches you closer to your ultimate remodeling goals.

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The lighting and floor of the room will set your constraining boundaries in most places and therefore are important aspects of any Craftsman style kitchen. The lighting needs to be elegant and classy and reflect upon the other energies of the room. Luckily, this can be achieved by simply installing a chandelier or an alternative drop lighting source. On the other end of the spectrum, the flooring can easily obtain the look you are after if it is already made of wood. If it is not, then laying linoleum or imitation wood tile can be a simple, cost-effective and user-friendly way to round out the makeover of your eatery.

Overall, creating a Craftsman style kitchen can be an enjoyable activity that you can take on entirely yourself if you wish to, build slowly over time piece by piece, or designate a person or company to take care of for you. There are many options and endless possibilities when it comes to creating your new theme that will all guide you to the remodeled kitchen of your dreams. Enjoy the ride, have fun, and turn your dream of an upscale personal food hotspot in your own home into a reality.

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