Porcelanosa tiles

If you have a fireplace, most of the time they are the focal point of the room. What if your fireplace is an eyesore instead of a focal point? If you have an outdated fireplace, you can lay tile directly over the existing surface. It’s like giving your fireplace a facelift. It’s not as difficult as you may think. In fact, it’s quite easy. And Plumbtile has so many great choices for tiles.

Porcelanosa tile

If you are tiling a new fireplace that has unfinished drywall and a plain wooden mantle, the surface doesn’t require any preparation. However, if you are tiling an existing fireplace surrounded of brick or tiles, you must level the surface to ensure that the tile will adhere properly. You will want to make sure your surface is completely flat so you can adhere to your new tiles evenly.

You will then want to press the tiles firmly into the mortar. Make sure to use spacers to maintain even spacing between the tiles. Make sure all the mortar is completely dry and fully set.

Porcelanosa tiles

And finally, it is time to apply the grout. But before you apply the grout make sure to check for any mortar between the tiles. You will want to clean it out with a putty knife if there is. Apply the grout across the tiles with a rubber grout float. Make sure to carefully apply and hold the float at an angle and pull it along the joints diagonally to pack them with grout. Go back over the area a second time to remove the excess grout from the face of the tiles. After the grout, has been set for at least 30 minutes you can clean the tiles using a damp sponge.

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