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You have spent hours of hard work making your home have the best curb appeal in your neighborhood. Something you can be proud of. Now it is time to show it off. You have so many more affordable options to light up the exterior of your home that will make it look elegant and enhance the beauty of your landscaping. Let’s look at some of the top ideas.

Light your way. 

We have all driven by that one house that looks beautiful during the day but once the sun goes down it is simply breathtaking. What exactly makes it look so different and appealing after dark? The lights, the direction the lights are shining, the way the driveway is lit, and the focus lights on the landscape features. With Led lighting, you can now achieve the same beauty for relatively low maintenance and cost. You can even add a little color to your lighting plan.

When adding lighting to your walkway keep the lights low to the ground to avoid any glareuse LED strips that can be hidden by adding a lip or edge to your walkway. If you don’t want to add the edge no worries the traditional lights can be used, or you can use recessed lighting that can be buried and flush with the ground.
Take it step by step. 

Lighting your steps not only draws the eye to the beautiful front door but is practical as well. These lights need to be well-placed and positioned so that they are illuminating your way and not blinding you. Again, you can use the LED strips or a light that has a cover over them that helps direct the light towards the steps. If you have a deck or wooden steps with a trailing, you can purchase newel post deck lights that highlight the railings and gives you a soft light on the steps.
What was old is now new. 

Using lanterns is quickly becoming a trend. They are beautiful, and stylish and give your home elegance. You can add scones that look like lanterns or an actual lantern light to illuminate the front door. Something you might want to remember is that clear glass and bright bulbs can cause a glare. Since the lighting in your home is not bright if you have a bright bulb over your door will blind you when you open it. Choose a lantern with frosted glass that will direct the light down where you need it. Chose a softer bulb or even go with a bulb that doesn’t attract the bugs. If you have a lantern with an open bottom you can now get bulbs that are bug zappers.
Highlighting your curb appeal will not only make you proud of your accomplishment but if you are in the market to sell your home it will also help to sell it. Contact us at Plumbtile and we can help you pick the lights that will brighten the exterior of your home today!