Zuma whirlpool tub

Getting Ready For The Whirlpool bathtub Install

Whirlpool bathtubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and, generally are not too difficult to install. Some prep work is a good idea to help alleviate any problems along the way. Planning for some surprises or unforeseen circumstances along the way is always a good idea as well. Let’s get started on installing your new tub!

Be sure to shut off your water supply to the house at the main valve. Open the faucets to let any remaining water drain out. Depending on your location, you may want to check with your local building department for information on any permits that be required. This will not be a quick one or two-hour project. It will definitely be more involved. So plan and take your time. It will certainly be worth it.

Remove your Old Tub

Remove the old faucet and handles and set them out of the way. Cut the silicone seal away from the top perimeter of the tub with a razor knife. This should allow you to pull the tub up and remove it. Please note that bathtubs, especially older ones, can be quite heavy. Part of your preparation should include having someone with you to help with this part. Once the tub is removed, be sure to check underneath and see if there is any water damage and that the sub-floor and surrounding supports are still structurally sound. If there is any damage make the necessary repairs before proceeding with the installation.

Place the Whirlpool Tub Template

Your new tub will come with a template for you to mark the surface and cut the opening to fit. If you’ve chosen a new whirlpool bathtub that is roughly the size of your old one you shouldn’t have a problem with this step. Place the template over the existing opening and tape it into place. Cut the template, if necessary, and use a marker to trace a line for the new opening. Depending on your existing surface material, you may need to contact a professional to cut the new opening. Granite, marble, and some other materials will require a special cutting tool.

Dry-Fit Whirlpool and Fixtures

Make sure that the openings are large enough to fit your faucets and fixtures by dry-fitting them now. If the holes need to be made bigger and you have contacted a professional to cut the opening, they can enlarge your faucet openings as well. Also, put the tub in place during this step to be sure that the new opening is correct. Any adjustments that are needed can more easily be made at this stage of the process.

Checking Around the Tub

While the opening is accessible, be sure that your floor meets the weight requirements of your new bathtub. If it is against an outside wall you will want to add a little insulation and finish it off under the surround with some drywall. It may also be necessary for you to cut an access panel for the electronics that are included with your whirlpool bathtub.


Assemble the drain plumbing for the tub. The instructions that come with your new tub will contain information about the requirements for things like measuring and installing the overflow pipe and gasket. You may need an electrician to tie in the power for the Whirlpool tub’s motor. Chances are you have an unused circuit nearby that will allow you to tie in.

Put the Tub In Place and Test

With the tub now in place apply a layer of silicon sealant around the edge of the hole in the tub surround and settle it into place. Make final connections for the water supply, drain, and whirlpool jets. Once the tub is in place and all of the connections have been made fill the tub with water and test the whirlpool motor. Then drain the tub and check for any leaks before closing up the access panel.

Enjoy your new Whirlpool Bathtub!