If you are like most of us, you think decluttering your kitchen is clearing everything out and having nothing showing. That means shoving those bills in a drawer, or neatly lining them up on the counter, or even having a junk drawer. If you have to say you have a junk drawer, then that is exactly what it is, junk! Your countertops are filling with clutter, then you need to designate a proper space for it.

Once you have designated proper space for your bills cleaned out all of the appliances, make sure you make a space for items you do use. It creates more mess and havoc if you pile everything up in the cupboards. If you have to open a cupboard door to get your mixer that you use daily and everything falls out, then you are not organized. Make a spot for that mixer or blender. If it is used daily, create that space


Don’t forget you can purchase some really great accessories at Plumbtile for your kitchen to help you organize. One item that is such a great purchase is a counter trash chute. Instead of having a garbage can with trash overflowing, you can hide it in your cabinet. This is such a great feature for any kitchen. Little accessories can go a long way. Such as a kitchen cutting board that fits right into your sink. I sometimes wonder how we got along without these little accessories.

How about your refrigerator? Do you have stuff all piled up on top or even on it? Notes and pictures, or medicine all lined up on top? Your refrigerator can be a major focal point in the kitchen. You want to make sure it’s free of clutter or magnets. Purchasing an organizer for your wall where you can write your daily tasks and tack pictures is the best route to go.


Another place you want to declutter is your entryway. That serves as the first impression in your home. It can look like a mess if its cluttered with coats and backpacks. You can purchase a bench or some hooks and create a clean sleek look. You would be surprised what a few little changes can do to a room with little money.