There are many reasons why families decide to renovate their homes. Often times it’s because they can’t afford a bigger purchase. It may also be that they already have a well established life in their community and can’t seem to leave a place they’ve known and loved for so long. Love your home and just can’t see living anywhere else, the kitchen or bathroom just needs a face lift or even the flooring needs to be replaced. Whatever the reason, there are ways to assess the home, see how your family has outgrown it and implement change to adapt to your growing family’s needs.

What areas of my home should I focus on renovating?

Visibility. If you have children, it may be important for you to be able to keep a close eye on them and keep them from mischief. With a designer or a contractor, you can determine what counters should be moved, thrown out or installed to open up an area where your children can play peacefully as you work.

Entries. Some entryways are very simple and can be spiced up with either a coat of paint and changing your front door knobs, switching the door out all together or replacing the flooring and creating a focal point. Perhaps there isn’t much of an entry way. If your floor plan allows for it, there are ways to renovate your entryway to provide a mudroom space for shoes, coats and other on the go items. There are many ways to spruce up your entry way from adding a beautiful mosaic tile from Delos MosaicsGrandeur Door products bring a elegant touch to your front door.

Recreation. As your family grows, so does the need for additional recreational space. Not everyone wants to spend all of their time in their own room. That being said, if there is availability in your budget to look into an additional room in your home, a family space or a game area might be a great addition.

Storage. With a growing family, the shopping list expands significantly. It may be time to consider creating or making the pantry bigger to accommodate all of your additional groceries.

Even if it’s simple clutter that is always found around your home, there can always be space found to create new storage. Whether it’s a nook underneath the staircase that can be turned into a storage closet, or in-lined shelving in the living room, there are no limits to what you can do.

More bathrooms. Do you have enough bathrooms for everyone? If you’re short one, it’s time to start looking at the blueprints of your home to see where an additional one can be built. The best type of bathroom to invest in is a master bedroom suite.

Utilities rooms. Because there is always laundry to be done, the best addition to any renovation project is a laundry room. With a space for folding, hanging and ironing in your laundry room, this setup will also help to avoid the awful clutter of clean clothing spread out across your home. While some homeowner issues come from lack of space, it’s easy to create a multi-purpose room to get even more use of your new space. For example, laundry rooms are also mudrooms or even a place to use for storage needs.