There are so many DIY blogs and podcasts out there that self renovation has become a lot more common. It also helps the homeowner when it comes to budget. But is doing it yourself always the best option?

When is the right and wrong time to DIY?

Replacing Sheetrock. This is not a very difficult project to take on. However, consider this per project. A simple wall can be done in one afternoon with a few friends to help you along. When there are more structural challenges, unless your skill set matches, a professional should be called in.

Replacing Tile flooring. Depending on the size of the space and the angles you have to work with; this could be a easy job or a more complicated one. The floor must be level and if your’s is not then laying down a slightly elevated subfloor will fix that problem. Agora Tile offers beautiful tiles and vessel sinks in natural stone. If you are looking for something more rustic Wow Briques Collection are beautiful exposed brick and wood tiles.

Replacing Your Tubs and Toilets. One of the most basic DIY projects is replacing your toilet but not all toilets are the same. Lacava toilets are both beautiful and water saving which in the long run helps the family budget. These toilets can be stand alone or wall mounted and offer a duel flushing system, this system is what saves your money on the water bill.

Cost effectiveness. Consider the cost difference between doing it on your own and hiring a professional. For example, if there are various tools that need to be purchased, price out the cost of those tools as well as the material needed for the job. Also consider how often you will use these tools when the job is done. If this is worth the amount of money invested, DIY. If not, it might be smarter for you to look into a professional to get the job done for you.

Make sure you hire the right person. Often times we go with the “professional” that is the cheapest not realizing that you might be getting what you pay for. If you are going for the individual with the lower prices, be sure to absolutely know this person can get the job done and doesn’t bypass quality.

What should you expect when taking on a DIY project?

Things won’t always go according to plan. It’s safe to say that you will almost always go over budget. Do your research and create a plan of action for your tasks. Always complete these tasks according to what you’ve discovered in DIY articles and podcasts. While it’s difficult for some to stop and ask for directions, following the instructions provided is important to staying on time and on budget with your project. This is especially true if you’re not a professional. Try not to venture out on your own accord.

Be prepared for anything. With all projects and anything in life, preparation is always needed. For this reason, when doing a DIY project, make sure you research what would have to be done before even starting your project. For example, if you have to paint, learn what else has to be set up before beginning to add the paint on the walls. Do you prime? Do you patch holes? What type of paint should you purchase for the same look and feel of the desired DIY project? How much paint is needed?

Play safe and know your limits. Especially when working with electricity, it’s best to understand what to do to avoid shock or electrical fire. If the project involves more than just simple three wire knowledge, it might be best to bring in an electrical engineer that knows what they’re doing.