Installing a new countertop can be a challenge, and here’s how you can do it successfully.

Materials and Tools:

Nippers                                                                         Block of Wood
Hand Plane                                                                  Towel
Circular Saw                                                                Paintbrush
Hammer                                                                       Pencil
Router                                                                           Level

Jigsaw                                                                           Rubber Gloves
Combination square                                                  Safety Glasses
Power drill                                                                   Dust Mask
Putty knife                                                                   2×4
Folding rule                                                                 Wood Screws
Pry bars                                                                        Contact Cement
Replacement countertop                                          Laminate



  1. Remove any trim pieces along the wall that may interfere with removing the countertop. Use the pry bars to carefully remove the old countertop. Pry off the trim pieces along the underside on the countertop and save them for use with the new counter.
  2. In this case, the countertop was attached to the ends of studs with nails. The nails did not have enough gripping power and the counter became tilted. For a more secure installation, install support blocks cut from a 2 x 4 between the studs.
  3. Measure between the studs with a folding rule.
  4. Cut the supports from a 2 x 4. Pre-drill holes at an angle in the ends of the support blocks and insert wood screws partially through the blocks.
  5. Install the support blocks between studs. Check for level before driving the wood screws into the studs.
  6. Clean up old counter and place face down on underside of replacement counter piece. Use the old counter as a template and trace a line on the new counter piece.
  7. Put on safety glasses and cut new counter using the jigsaw. Use a hand plane to make sure the corners are smooth.
  8. Install trim pieces from original counter on underside of replacement counter.
  9. Install new counter and check for level.
  10. Apply contact cement to edge of counter and to laminate strips cut to fit the edge of the counter. Press laminate onto sides of counter. Put on safety glasses and use a router to trim the laminate so it’s even with the top of the counter.
  11. Spread contact cement over top of counter and install your top laminate on the top. Use the router again to trim the edges.