Are you tired of the same old boring kitchen? Are you thinking about giving it a face lift? Before you start changing colors and ripping things out, decide what you want to do. Think about the type of space you want to create. Do you want to create a contemporary kitchen or a modern kitchen? Are you going for a more traditional feel or a beach inspired feel? Once you have decided the plan for your kitchen you can then start to choose the colors.

Some fun facts to know about the most popular color choices for a kitchen are red, blue, yellow, white, green and gray. Yes, can you believe it red and blue? Red is a very strong color and is said to increase a person’s appetite. Same goes for yellow. So if you like to cook and have big gatherings yellow or red may be your choice of color. If your kitchen is more like a retreat where you can sit and enjoy your food while feeling calm and relaxed you may want to choose blue, white, green or gray. They are all calming colors. Choose some paint samples and try them out on your wall before committing to a color. If you are like most of us, you spend most of your time gathering in the kitchen. You can even choose to use some accent tiles to give your room a unique touch.


Now that you are deciding on a color you will want to think about your cabinets. Are you going to reuse them or get new ones? You want to make sure the color you choose is in line with your design and seamless. White cabinets will look good with almost every color palette, while different shades of wood can complement the bright colors you use. If you are planning to have colorful cabinets, you will want to use a more neutral color on your walls. You do not want to create a busy environment where everything clashes. And if you go with more neutral or white cabinets you can choose fun bright colors for your walls. Countertops are also important to consider when selecting paint colors. Remember choose complimenting colors. Call Plumbtile at 1-866-369-8180 for Expert Advice & Pricing.