It’s important not to forget one of the most important items when remodeling your bathroom…the towel bar.  This multi-purpose item is not only functional, providing a place to display your bath linens.  It also serves as a decorative feature.

With a few simple tools, anyone can install a new towel bar.  Here’s how:

Decide where you want it to go

When it comes to where you will be installing your new towel bar, studs provide the most secure option.  However, there’s not always a stud where you want one to be.  If that’s the case, metal toggle anchors are your best option.  These anchors can withstand 40 pounds of pull when embedded in ½-inch drywall.  Even the heaviest of towels won’t budge it!

Install the anchor.

Make a mark where you want one end of the towel bar to be placed.  Screw in the first toggle anchor at the mark.  Make sure the head is flush with the wall.


Attach the first towel bar mount.

Screw the bar’s mounting plate into the anchor. Don’t worry, the toggle will swivel into position behind the drywall automatically as the screw is ­driven in.  Then, continue turning the screw until the toggle snugs up against the back side of the drywall.

Mark the other end.

Hold the bar in place on the wall and make a vertical mark in line with the screw hole on the bar’s other mount. It’s a good idea to hold a level to ensure that it’s lined up with the first toggle.  Use the level to make a horizontal mark across the vertical one.  Drive another anchor into the wall where the vertical and horizontal lines cross.

Finish the installation.

Mark the locations of any remaining screw holes in the mounting plates.  Drive toggle anchors through each one.  Then, drive screws through the mounts. 


Now you have a beautiful new towel rack to accent the rest of your new bathroom accessories.  And it took less than an hour to install!  Good job!