Want to create an eye-catching outdoor kitchen that gathers a crowd? Many people are now taking the kitchen outdoors to enjoy nature while cooking. You can get the same options from your indoor kitchen for your outdoor kitchen. The largest difference between them is the exposure to the elements, so the best option is to go water-proof to avoid loss of durability and damage. An outdoor kitchen should complement the design of the home’s architecture and landscape. Here are some helpful tips in helping you make the best out of your outdoor space in the form of an eye-catching and crowd pleasing outdoor kitchen that is both functional and fun.


Stone veneer is a popular choice for any outdoor kitchen project, as it is a low-maintenance option which unlike other materials will not need painting or sealing. There is a wide variety of stone veneer available. You can get stacked or whole stones in a wide array of patterns and earthy hues. Cementitious Cultured Stone, is easier to work with due to it being lighter and it lasts just as long as the real thing while looking as natural as real stone.

Picking a counter top material for your outdoor kitchen is very important as well since it will be constantly exposed to the elements. It needs to be durable, water resistant, easy to clean and beautiful. There are nearly as many material choices for outdoor counters as there are for indoor ones. Options include granite, concrete, tile and more. If opting to use granite for your counters, make sure to use cultured granite with UV stabilizers.



When planning layouts, keep in mind the planned placement or installation of the necessary gas, water and electrical supply. SalusKSinkC04-OTD-ST2Creative design can transform your outdoors into a comfortable and affordable area for open-air entertaining. An outdoor kitchen honed black granite sink like the one pictured would be a beautiful addition to any outdoor kitchen area.

The most durable sink on the market today is granite composite. Thanks to its high density of rock particles on the sink’s surface, these sinks offer superior scratch, chip and heat resistance. There is also the option of a stainless steel sink, stainless steel is the most popular kitchen sink style on the market. Stainless steel sinks offer many benefits including resistance to chipping and cracking.

Provide good lighting as well as ambient lighting for after-dark cooking and entertaining to add ambiance and style to your outdoor kitchen for late night use and gatherings. Use lighting rated for wet or damp environments, an outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements so you’d want lighting that can endure. For outdoor use, halogen lights cast a brighter, easier to see light. Since they last twice as long as standard bulbs, you won’t need to struggle to reach outdoor fixtures as often. They have other benefits too. They’re 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient than standard bulbs.

No matter the look you are trying to achieve Plumbtile has the widest variety of choices and options to help you find what you need for your outdoor kitchen needs.