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You have a bathroom that you just love and adore. However, you feel it is time for a facelift or in construction design terms, remodeling. Remodeling your bathroom is the process of taking your current restroom, water closet, lavatory, or whatever word you prefer to call it, and giving it a make-over. A make-over can consist of rebuilding or redesigning your vanity and or mirror, installing a better or more water-efficient toilet, or even transforming your shower-in-bath, to just a seven-person spa tub, or a two-person rain shower room. Wouldn’t we all love to do that? 

Some of the ways you can design your bathroom in a way to not only  give one of your favorite and private rooms in your house an up-dated and modern feel, but also to maybe even cut back on recurring costs such as your water and electric bill.  If you are looking for a few ideas on how to get started in giving your bathroom a design that blow you and your guests away, keep reading and we’ll be more than glad to fill you in.

1. Pick a Design That Is Comfortable for You, Your Family, Guests …..AND Your Wallet.

Like most of us, who would not want that dream bathroom? You know, the kind of bathroom that you see in a beautiful suite located in the Bahamas or in a mansion where you could spend hours on in just relaxing without a care in the world. You do not want to pick a design that will be uncomfortable to you, your family, and your guests, such as a low toilet, slippery tile, and short mirrors to where anyone can barely see themselves. Maybe look into purchasing a high rise toilet and installing at least one full body mirror. Who wants to walk out the bathroom with their zipper undone? Don’t forget your best friends, Mr. Budget! Choose to remodel your bathroom within a budget that will not bankrupt you.

2.  Consider Safe-Proofing Your Bathroom.

As you know, we all are going get older, and the kids are going to grow even bigger. Also who doesn’t have their parents or other relatives come to visit and ten times out of ten, they are going to need to use the restroom. Pick the design of your new and improved bathroom, consider installing safe bars, illuminate the area of the bathroom for late-night, early-morning visits, avoid accidental electrocutions by installing ground fault circuit interrupters, (GFCI’s), or install a type of tile in the actual bath as well as on the bathroom floor that will help prevent falls in the bathroom. Falls are the number one injury in bathroom accidents so by purchasing an anti-slip tile you are lowering the risk greatly for anyone to have a bad fall in the bathroom.

3.  Don’t Forget Your Two Best Friends When Remodeling…Space and Storage.

Don’t forget that will need plenty of space and storage to comfortably move around and store personal and extra public things are needed. Consider wide stylish cabinetry that is easily accessible to any age appropriate person.

4. Consider a Color Palette That Brightens the bathroom!

Consider using bright colors, not all dark colors. Keep in mind that when visiting the Bahamas or some other far away island, when you look around, it is bright and uplifting, not dark and dull. Sometimes when you are in a bad mood, being in room with light bright colors can lighten your mood some! No more Debbie Downers for you!!

 5.  Research and Count Up the Cost of remodeling, if needed…..Research Some More!  

This explains itself!!! Should we say more? Shower