Who hasn’t been there, the dilemma of a small kitchen and how to utilize the little space that is available?  Whether it’s your first apartment or you are buying in a city where space comes at a higher price, here are some great ideas to transform the small space into a kitchen that you will love and have great pride in.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles designer Sarah Barnard, LEED AP


This kitchen was lacking in space so by making a simple change of using a 24” (counter depth) fridge versus a standard 30”, the homeowners were able to maximize space and style by keeping everything sleek and in line.

Kohler Sink

Another quick and easy space saver is using a deeper sink instead of a wider sink.  This will help to increase counter space without losing the ability to have a sink that meets all of your needs.

Utilize all space floor to ceiling in areas like a pantry where items that are used less can be placed at the top and accessible by a foot stool.  Vertical space in a kitchen can add not only functionality but also style by using a glass front and displaying decorative dishes.

Each of these ideas will help to increase the square footage of your small kitchen without having to do any demolition work!


Color in a small space can mean the difference between feeling blocked in and not realizing how small a room actually is.  Using cooler colors such as blues and greens (light) will make a space appear to be larger, whereas warmer tones such as dark red will make the space to appear smaller.


There are multiple ways to ensure that storage is properly used in a small kitchen.  Keeping the kitchen divided into 3 areas (prep, cooking, cleaning) all like items will be together and easier to find and use.  The use of open shelves or a ceiling mounted pot rack can use space that would otherwise be rendered useless. Also the use of modernized accessories Imagelike a Kitchen Counter Trash Chutes would  eliminate using up space for a trash can that needs to be set in the kitchen.

 Adding storage into an area close to the kitchen that is otherwise “dead space” can add decorative and useful space to a tight area.  The picture above uses the space between the door and kitchen, effectively “extending” a small kitchen into the house and creating a more open floor plan.
Another space saver is open shelving on a wall that would not be able to accommodate cabinets or would great improve the space options by using an open look.

Small kitchens can be difficult to work with but with a little imagination, great design and the right materials you can transform a tiny kitchen into the heart of your home.

Photo Credit: Trina via A Country Farmhouse
Photo Credit: Trina via A Country Farmhouse